The Nature of the Work


By definition, a project working to transform culture operates in all areas of society:  in the public, private and non-for-profit sectors; with organizations large and small; and with myriad socioeconomic and identity demographies. Our facilitating and networking efforts connect people within and across those demarcations, enabling the success of discrete projects and strengthening the broad-based, increasingly consolidated, trans-global repair movement.  has partnered with  Patagonia  "to help teach regular people how to repair". has partnered with Patagonia "to help teach regular people how to repair".

The Work


Our work is currently focused on integrating Repair into maker programs in schools and educational non-profits, supporting community repair events, advocating for Repair at the state and local levels, and, as always, promoting repair as a social value. We also recognize great value in local public - private partnerships in Repair and seek opportunities to incorporate promoting such collaborations into the Project.


We advance Repair through articulating the imperative to Repair, initiating new projects, gathering and sharing in-kind resources (e.g., volunteer pool, open-source educational materials, information), networking, grant-making, and consulting (e.g., non-profit organizational development).


The Culture of Repair Project works exclusively in The East Bay and is currently concentrating on initiatives in Oakland and Berkeley, CA.



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