Get Involved with Repair!

"Folks who know how to fix things, getting together to help folks who don't, bringing broken things back to life."



We’re very happy to support several repair initiatives in The East Bay.
All initiatives rely on volunteers to help host, fix and organize.

I. Two Community Repair Event formats:

Fixit Clinics at Berkeley Public Library and beyond,
Transition Berkeley Repair Café - in Berkeley, serving The East Bay

II. Repair in the Schools

Come Join Us!
It’s a great group, doing great work, having fun.

Let us know about you using the forms below. We’ll pass your information on to Fixit Clinic and Transition Berkeley Repair Café so they can contact you directly. And we’ll let you know about upcoming events.

It's great to have you!

First Step: Join the Volunteer Pool


Let us know about your skills and interests.
This database is made available to local partner organizations involved in encouraging Repair in The East Bay, including Transition Berkeley and Fixit Clinic.


Already in the Volunteer Pool?

Second Step: Sign Up For Specific Activities:

Community Repair Events and Work in the Schools


February 23rd:
Volunteer for the Transition Berkeley Repair Café and Resiliency Fair

At The Berkeley Adult School

Click HERE to Volunteer at the February 23rd Repair Café

Volunteer to Host, Repair, Greet, Organize … There’re lots of ways to help out.



March 2nd:
Volunteer for the Fixit Clinic
at Berkeley Public Library

Click HERE to Volunteer to FIX THINGS at the March 2nd Fixit Clinic



Year Round in the Schools:

Teachers are developing programs (see here) that need skilled volunteers. Please let us know if you’d be interested in helping. We’ll be in touch with details as opportunities are finalized.


Join The Culture of Repair Project Mailing List here

Basics on Volunteering for Community Repair Events


If you're handy with repairs and like to share what you know, come volunteer! 
All skills are highly valued!
Clothing, mechanics, electronics, furniture, appliances, lamps, bikes, toys, etc. etc. ... pretty much anything that can break and be brought through the door.


There's all kinds of possibility on the organizing front.  Let us know what you're interested in.


Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafés need help organizing, hosting, and managing the flow of people and repair projects. If you'd like to help out, come volunteer!

"If It's Broke,
Fix It!"