Who We Are

Vita and champion eclipse-watcher Carlos!

Vita and champion eclipse-watcher Carlos!

Vita Wells

Founder, The Culture of Repair Project

  • Born and raised in South Texas, hailing from a long line of fixers and doers

  • Multiple rounds of community work in Mexico, Ecuador and the Barrio of San Antonio

  • Corporate finance, logistics systems and investment management

  • Williams College BA

  • Yale Divinity School MAR, Social Ethics and Theology

  • Yale School of Management MPPM, Finance

  • Arts: museum and industrial arts school governance, textiles, artist (www.vitawells.net)

  • Camino de Compostela

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • Fixing and doing all the way through


Using architecture and design as a vehicle for social justice, works alongside youth ages 9-18 to co-design and build public architecture projects that transform communities.

Her work seeks to change the authorship of our built environment and cultivate power in underestimated communities, specifically young girls, undocumented youth, and communities of color.

See this short video about Girls Garage.

Emily Pilloton

Grants Program Advisor

  • Designer, builder, educator

  • Founder of Project H Design, its sister program, Girls Garage and earlier programs

  • Lecturer in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley

  • Author of two books concerning design, individual empowerment and transformation

  • UC Berkeley BA, architecture

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFAs in Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects


Carmelita Reyes

Grants Program Advisor

  • Founding Principal of Oakland International High School

  • Founding teacher Life Academy of Health and Bio-Science, the Fruitvale, Oakland

  • Princeton University, BA, Economics

  • Columbia University, MA, Education

  • Inveterate and intrepid traveler — Rwanda, Cambodia, Hinterlands of China, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Jordan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Laos, Kenya, Brazil, Vietnam ...