"Folks who know how to fix things, getting together to help folks who don't, bringing broken things back to life."


Details about events and volunteering

Two Formats -- Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafés

Library Fixit Clinic

Fixit Clinic #317 nationwide!

October 6, 2018
Saturday, 1:00 to 4:00
Tarea Hall Pittman South Branch
Berkeley Public Library
1901 Russell Street, Berkeley, CA

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What Fixit Clinic Events Are:

A do-it-together, hands-on, STEM-oriented fix-n-learn, community-based exploration and discovery workshop. 

→  A Free Workshop! 
NOT free repair services.

Fixit Clinics are participatory events!

How is a Fixit Clinic different from a Repair Café?  The heart of both is fixing.  Fixit Clinics are just smaller and focused only on fixing.

Neighbors and Library Patrons! 

Bring your broken things for assessment, disassembly, and possible repair.  Fixit Clinic will provide: 1) workspace, 2) specialty tools, and 3) volunteer Fixit Coaches to help you. 

Fixit Clinic plans to have coaches on hand who know how to repair all kinds of things — from lamps, clothing, and toys, to mechanical, furniture, electronics, and appliances ... pretty much anything that can be brought through the door. 

Whether you fix it or not everyone will learn something about how it was made and worked.  And then didn't!

More information on Fixit Clinics:

Founded in Berkeley by Peter Mui!
Clinics held nationwide.
Details on the Fixit Clinics website
Short video from The News Hour
Information on Volunteering to be a Fixit Coach
Fixit Coach Howdy Goudy is champion of repair:  Lawrence Berkeley Lab Newsletter

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Transition Berkeley Repair Café

Next Event:  Planned for February 9, 2019.
Check back for final details

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 Organized with Transition Berkeley!

Organized with Transition Berkeley!


Co-sponsored by:
The Ecology Center
The Office of Berkeley Councilmember Sophie Hahn

Generously supported by:
Orchard Supply Hardware

What Repair Cafe Events Are:

A half-day community gathering — some folks bring broken things, others bring know-how and tools, and yet others bring hospitality — and everyone brings goodwill and zeal for fixing.

How is a Repair Cafee different from a Fixit Clinic?  The heart of both is fixing.  Repair Cafés are just larger and have lots of ancillary activities around repair, reuse and community well-being.

Though FREE, Repair Cafés AREN'T FREE REPAIR SERVICES.  They're participatory events — neighbors helping each other out, getting to know each other over coffee, muffins, and repair projects, learning about repair, and squeezing more life out of the things they already have.

Volunteer fixers will be on hand who know how to repair all kinds of things — from lamps, clothing, and toys, to mechanical, furniture, electronics, and appliances ... pretty much anything that can be brought through the door. 

Fixers are volunteers.  The fix rate runs about 70%, so your item might not be fixed. It might even get worse!  But together you'll give it a good try and learn a lot about fixing along the way.

So bring your broken things, puzzle over them with volunteer fixers, then work together to bring them back to life, if possible.

Besides Fixing... We'll have a cafe — coffee, tea and pastries, perhaps repair tutorials, perhaps conversation with folks deeply involved in repair and reuse ... all's in the works.

More on Repair Cafés:

Begun in The Netherlands, there are over 1400 Repair Cafés worldwide.
Here are some good sources for more information:
Excellent video from Al Jazeera
Short video from NBC Nightly News
48-Second Video made by one of our very own Repair volunteers, Christina Choate!
New York Times coverage
Palo Alto Repair Cafe was the first in the US and offers a good example of the vision.
Repair Cafe International Foundation


Join the pool of volunteers we'll draw on for events. 
As dates come up we'll contact you to see if you're free to come help.

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If you're handy with repairs and like to share what you know, come volunteer! 
All skills are highly valued!
Clothing, mechanics, electronics, furniture, appliances, lamps, bikes, toys, etc. etc. ... pretty much anything that can break and be brought through the door.


Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafés need all kinds of help organizing, hosting, and managing the flow of people and repair projects. If you'd like to help out, come volunteer!

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