Februrary 23 Event Signup and Information


The surge to repair has been rising in Berkeley.  It’s finally time to get fixin’!

We’re delighted to support development of two Community Repair Event formats in Berkeley and The East Bay:
Fixit Clinics at Berkeley Public Library and beyond
Transition Berkeley Repair Café - in Berkeley, serving The East Bay

Both organizations are building systems to support the initiatives. We’ll feed signups to them as their systems come online.

Use the form below to sign up for the February 23rd event.
It's great to have you!

This page has two sections:
1)  Signup for the February 23rd Transition Berkeley Repair Café
2)  Information:
—   specific to February 23
—   general information about volunteering
—   general information about Repair Cafés and Fixit Clinics


Volunteering is a two-step process: join the pool, sign up for event.
If you already joined the volunteer pool, please continue to sign up for February 23rd below.
If you haven't joined the volunteer pool, please first join here (
join volunteer pool), then come back to this page to sign up for February 23rd.


Signing Up

Volunteers — Sign up for February 23rd here:



Scheduled Community Repair Events in Berkeley

I.  Transition Berkeley Repair Café
February 23rd
Time: TBA
Berkeley Adult School
1701 San Pablo
Berkeley, CA 94702

II. Fixit Clinic at Berkeley Public Libraries

The next Fixit Clinic in Berkeley will be in the Spring 2019, date TBA



Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafés – What's the Difference?

Short answer:  Fundamentally not much beyond size and ancillary activities.

Community Repair Events are an emergent global phenomenon.  Several formats have emerged with slightly different emphases.  There have been over 260 Fixit Clinics (founded in Berkeley!) around the country, and Repair Cafés number over 1400 worldwide.  Several other formats are less widespread.

The common and critical objectives are

  • teaching and emboldening people to fix their own things;

  • encouraging a shift in how we think about our possessions; and

  • raising awareness around the profound impact extending the life of what we already have makes.

The common format is volunteers who know how to fix things getting together with people who don't to bring broken things back to life. 

The common thing Community Repair Events are NOT:
→ They are not free repair services.
People are involved, participating, not leaving their broken items for someone else to take care of for free.  We're in this together.

Commonalities:  Our Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafes will be fundamentally the same. 


Fixit Clinics will lean more explicitly into learning and will be smaller (constrained by Library event room sizes).  South Branch’s March 3rd event was at capacity with 45 – 50 participants plus 15 fixers.

Repair Cafes will be larger; will offer coffee, tea and pastries; and will incorporate other repair and reuse elements – perhaps tutorials (e.g., on iphone repair or sewing), perhaps educational sessions (e.g., on reuse and repair as they relate to the environment, the economy and individual agency and health); etc, TBD.

More on the various types of Community Repair Events is here: The Vision.



What to Expect

What Fixer Volunteers Do:

Fixers work with participants to explore the issues with their broken item, to problem-solve, and to work toward fixing it together. Fixers circulate among participants offering guidance, encouragement and technical support.  There’s a premium on encouraging participants’ hands-on involvement as much as possible.

Fixers also help each other.  There’s a marvelous exchange of information, skills, and ideas among fixers.  The goodwill and generosity among fixers creates a wonderful camaraderie.  That combined with the satisfaction of noodling through tough problems make for a really great day.

What Host Volunteers Do:

Host volunteers are essential.  They welcome participants, register broken items, and help participants find productive spaces to work with fixers.  They also capture data and document.  Host volunteers get to see the event in whole and to engage with participants on their way out.  The effervescence is thrilling.

Fixer Tools:

Fixers should bring tools.  It’s sometimes hard to decide what to bring because you never know what’ll walk in the door, but just bring what seems to make sense.  What you use most often.  Fixit Clinic offers a good list to stimulate ideas here:  Tool Ideas List. Alternatively, check out past events' broken items to make a best stab at what you might need:  Past Events.

Tools don’t tend to disappear, but they can end up on another table.  Some people put their names on tools so they get back to them more readily.  If you’re uneasy about it, you might leave your can’t-bear-to-be-without tools home and bring the second string.

Fixer Supplies:

Fixit Clinics:  Berkeley Ace Hardware has generously donated a significant slug of supplies to the Library.  Various wires, various glues, lamp parts, string, various tapes, etc. etc.

Repair Café:  Orchard Supply Hardware has generously donated a significant slug of supplies.  Various wires, various glues, lamp parts, string, various tapes, etc. etc.

Fixer Support On-Site:

All Events:  Fixers’ main support:  Other fixers!
Fixit Clinics:  Library computers will be on hand for online access to repair resources
Repair Café:  There is not robust wifi at the BFUU Fellowship Hall, last measured at 60 mbps.  Phone-based hot-spots may prove useful.


We’ll offer lunch, beverages and snacks for volunteers.


Fixer Orientation:

Before the doors open organizers will orient new fixer volunteers outlining our objective, our approach, what to expect, how to work with participants, and resources on-hand; and taking questions.  In addition to that, fixers don't work strictly one-on-one with participants.  Our approach is more fluid than that, so veteran volunteers will shift and work alongside new volunteers, serving as models and offering guidance.

Host orientation:

Before orienting fixers, organizers will orient new host volunteers outlining our objective, our approach, what to expect, and what the check-in and check-out processes are; and taking questions. 

More Orientation:

You might check out a useful video on the Repair Café Palo Alto's website (the second one of three on their homepage, produced by ifixit).

Fixit Clinic posts a good online orientation for volunteers.

You might also take a look at the brief volunteer orientation guide Toronto Repair Café prepared.

More information about Community Repair Events is on this other page of The Culture of Repair Project.



Volunteer Pool

As events come up we'll notify the pool of volunteers inviting people to sign up for specific dates.

We need to continue to expand the pool so we can adequately support ongoing events.

We encourage you to enlist your handy friends!  Please send them to the information and sign-up page, along with a friendly nudge.

Your social media support would be terrific!  Content and an image you could use are at the bottom of this page.



Partners and Sponsorship

Transition Berkeley is a co-organizer of the Repair Café.
Fixit Clinic is a co-organizer of the Fixit Clinics.

Events are sponsored by:
    •    The Ecology Center — Fixit Clinics and Repair Café
    •    Berkeley Public Library — Fixit Clinics
    •    City Councilmember Sophie Hahn

Berkeley ACE Hardware has generously provided substantial hardware support for the Fixit Clinic Library events.
Berkeley's Orchard Supply Hardware has generously provided DIY supplies for Repair Cafés.



Social Media

We'd really appreciate your sending our call for volunteers through your various channels.

Tweetable text:
Attention FIXERS!! If you're handy and like sharing what you know, VOLUNTEER to help repair at Berkeley Community Repair Events!  Neighbors helping neighbors put stuff back in service. It's good fun. Info and sign up here: https://www.cultureofrepair.org/community-repair-events/

Long-winded text:
Attention FIXERS!!
Recruiting Volunteers for COMMUNITY REPAIR EVENTS!

A half-day community gathering – some folks bring broken things, others bring know-how and tools, yet others bring hospitality – and everyone brings goodwill and zeal for fixing.

If you're handy with repairs and like to share what you know, come volunteer!  All skills are highly valued!  Clothing, mechanics, electronics, furniture, appliances, lamps, bikes, toys, etc. etc. ... pretty much anything that can break and be brought through the door.

Not so handy?  Come help us host.  Definitely need hosts!

Time and Location:  We’re organizing a series of Fixit Clinics and Repair Cafés in libraries, churches and other venues in and around Berkeley. 

Joining the pool doesn’t mean committing to particular dates, but puts you into the universe of people we’ll notify when events come up, inviting your participation.  The May 5th time is set; other dates will be posted on the website when confirmed.

Come join us!
Lots of goodwill.
Lots of sharing know-how.
It's a fun and satisfying way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
For more information and to sign up:

“If It’s Broke, Fix It!”