Community Repair Events

Resources and Guides


Among the various materials online, the following were found to be especially helpful:


Anya Dobrowolski — Community Repair Events: Common, Best, and Better Practices for Building Community Through Repair, April 2017. Prepared by Anya Dobrowolski, Project Management, Graphic Design and Sustainability Research Consultant for City of Eugene, Waste and Prevention and Green Building Service Department.  This is an excellent, accessible and actionable paper on the global community repair event phenomenon.  In it Dobrowolski summarizes and assesses varying philosophies and practices; reports available outcome metrics; and offers recommendations for improvement.  Highly recommended for anyone considering establishing community repair events.

The Restart Project — The Restart Party Kit and supporting material.

Fixit Clinic — "Start a Clinic"

Repair Cafe International — Information Package and supporting material.

Repair Café Toronto — Volunteer Descriptions Pamphlet

City of Austin Texas — "Host a Fix-It Clinic: A Comprehensive Guide".