Broken Item Registration

Transition Berkeley Repair Café


FEBRUARY 23, 2019

Saturday 11:00 to 3:00
Berkeley Adult School
1701 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702

Please read the following important information before completing the broken item registration form BELOW.

The event is first-come-first-served, but completing this form helps us know what to plan for. 

Walk-ins are always welcome, but telling us what you're bringing in advance is super-welcome!

Please, one item per participant.

Registration Form Is BELOW.




Transition Berkeley Repair Café is a FREE PARTICIPATORY EVENT!

IT IS NOT A FREE REPAIR SERVICE where you drop off your item to have it repaired for you.

Together with people who know something about fixing, you’ll work to figure out what’s wrong with your broken item and attempt to repair it.  We want you to leave not only with an item back in service, but also empowered to repair your own things going forward, or knowing how to find resources if you can’t.

Remember, fixers are volunteers.  The fix rate runs about 70%, so your item might not be fixed. It might even get worse!  But together you'll give it a good try and learn a lot about fixing along the way.



Some suggestions:

Please DO:

  • Do bring just ONE item to be repaired (so others' waiting time isn't too long).

  • Do bring any parts you have, either the broken ones or their replacements.

  • Do bring the owner's manual, if you have it.

  • Do bring any special tools you think might be useful.

  • Do be ready to describe what’s wrong and what you’ve done to try to repair your item.

  • Do check to see if your device is still within warranty.

  • Do back up any data stored on the device, if possible.

  • Do charge up your device, if possible, and bring any necessary cords.

  • Do bring children! Accompanied by an adult, naturally.

  • Do have fun!!

Please DON’T:

  • Don't assume repairs will be successful. One way or the other, though, everyone will learn something about how things are made, how they work, and how they fail.

  • Don't assume we’ll have spare parts. We have a few odd things, but most often don’t have parts on hand. Fixers can help you identify what you need in order to repair the item on your own, or to bring to the next Repair Café.

  • Don't bring pets. Only official service animals are allowed. They must be on lease and under close control at all times.

  • Don’t leave anything behind. If your broken item can’t be repaired. Please find an appropriate way to recycle it by contacting your city or county.

We look forward to seeing you at Transition Berkeley Repair Café!


The information provided on this form will flow directly to Transition Berkeley Repair Café. For any questions, please contact Transition Berkeley: Bonnie Borucki, (510) 332-9456 or Linda Currie at

blender, toy, jeans, mouse, ...
Panasonic, Timex, Braun, ...
an identifying number or name, e.g., "Classic" or "360 XL" or "CPT-160"
as best you know
In a FEW words, tell us the problem.
In a FEW words, what happened when you tried to fix it? Also, do you have any spare parts? Owner's manual?
In a FEW words, tell us anything else we should know about the broken item.