Partners and Projects

As of January 2018



Fixit Clinics

We're organizing Fixit Clinics at three Berkeley Public Library branches, and working with the Library system to establish Fixit Clinics as an ongoing program.

Partners, co-sponsors and supporters of our Fixit Clinic work include:


Repair Café

We're organizing a Repair Café in Berkeley. 

Partners, co-sponsors and supporters of our Repair Café work include:

 Repair Café International

Repair Café International


Community Repair Events

We intend to establish an independent group that will organize ongoing Community Repair Events in The East Bay.  That group's home and the flavor and format of events will emerge as we work with our partners hosting events, researching resources, and discerning the needs of The East Bay's many communities.

The essential element will be teaching and emboldening people to fix their own things, encouraging a shift in how we think about our possessions, and raising awareness around the profound impact made by extending the life of what we already have.

More details of the vision are here.



Education and Collaboration

We're working with a nonprofit to introduce repair into their design and building program for young people.  The first eight-week after-school class in repair is scheduled for late spring 2018.  We'll post details once published.

Repair's problem-solving, materials exploration, design orientation, and systems thinking align exquisitely with schools' maker spaces' curricula, structures and objectives.  We are therefore in conversation with people and groups associated with Berkeley Unified School District and Oakland Unified School District, exploring how introducing repair would enrich their established and developing programs. 

Related to supporting repair in the classroom, we've created and are continually adding to a pool of Resources for Educators.  Those resources include repair-related curricula and supporting material from around the globe.

We're also in conversation with another East Bay nonprofit to incorporate repair into their ongoing programming.  Details will be posted here once finalized.

Other projects are stirring out of our research concerns, relating dynamic remote initiatives (the East Coast and the UK) with University of California and City of Berkeley resources.


Grants Program


Working with the East Bay Community Foundation, we've established a Grants Program to support furthering the mission of The Culture of Repair Project.

We are in conversation with the first grant candidates - public schools in Oakland and Berkeley and an East Bay non-profit. 

The Grants Program is currently by invitation only; unsolicited applications will not be considered.  This policy will be revised once the program is more fully established.